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Let me let you in on a little secret. Computers don’t have to be inconvenient. Or difficult. Certainly not painful!

Our computers run software that is fundamentally ill-conceived. Unnecessarily designed to emulate the physical world and embrace its constraints. Consider:       

  • apps operate as if they are isolated devices,
  • hierarchical file storage replicates physical files,
  • the command line mimics a teletype terminal,
  • a word processor is nothing but paper under glass.

These constructs are as arbitrary as they are limiting. If you have ever played a computer game, then deep down you already know this to be true.

We deserve better…

!! WANTED !!

Personal Computers were originally invented as aids for our minds. To provide us with the right information, in the right form, at the right moment, so that we are able to:

  • learn faster
  • make better decisions
  • become more productive
  • unleash our creativity

The grand purpose of computers is to empower us! To give us powerful new ways to engage with complex, even unthinkable, ideas. A promise that remains largely unrealized…

Freedom to

Computers present us with an unprecedented opportunity to invent new media…

  • Free from imagined traditions!
  • Free from technological constraints!
  • That give us complete Freedom to mix-&-match ideas!
  • And complete Freedom to mix-&-match tools we need to interact with these ideas!

Freedoms that are all but impossible with existing software. Nothing less than a complete redesign will do!

Presenting Syntropize…

The Syntropize Operating Environment
re-imagines the Personal Computer as an Integrated Environment for your Creative Expression

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Today, we find ourselves in a moment of history where the design of new media is the most pressing problem facing humanity. For our ability to solve every other complex, urgent problem depends on solving this, the Mother of all Problems!

Join us, as we challenge the established status-quo of personal computing!

Once more unto the virtual breach, Dear Friends!

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